Why Hire Outside Companies for Safety Professionals Staffing?

Every business needs to create and implement safety procedures as per the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This means that you must have a position in the organizational scheme for a person in charge with safety.

This person is responsible for every aspect related to work safety:

  • Creating and implementing the safety rules
  • Training the employees
  • Following the legal procedure in the case of a labor accident.

What Are Your Options for Filling In the Safety Specialist Position?

Given the fact that this is a mandatory position for your business, you have three options:

  • You can select a member of the current staff and give them safety responsibilities
  • You can recruit a safety specialist
  • You can outsource this position to a specialized safety professionals staffing company.

Each of these options has some advantages and disadvantages. However, when it comes to hiring outside your company (outsourcing) the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for all kinds of businesses, small, medium or large.

Discover the Reasons to Outsource Your Safety Position to a Staffing Agency

safety professionals staffing

Here are the main benefits of choosing to let a staffing agency manage your safety procedures:

  1. You Cannot Afford Hiring a Safety Professional

Small companies do not have the necessary HR budget to hire a skilled safety specialist. These professionals are looking for challenges and have certain expectations in terms of salary and benefits.

Even if you could meet their financial expectations, you do not really need such a specialized professional as a full time employee. When you sign an agreement with a safety staffing agency, they will identify your needs and allocate the right person for the adequate number of hours per day or days per month to manage your safety program.

  1. Your Safety Staff Is Overwork and Under Qualified

Many small and medium sized enterprises have made the choice to resort to current staff to fill in the safety position. Very soon, these employees realized that they are overwhelmed by the legislation, safety codes and standards and other aspects of creating and running a safety program.

A safety specialist has both theoretical and on the job training and can easily manage these aspects. Moreover, the safety staffing agency will appoint a person with experience in your industry and/or field of activity.

  1. You Want an Objective Analysis of Your Current Safety Program

An outside look will always find something that you and your safety specialist failed to notice. It can be a lax procedure for dealing with certain risks, because you are too confident in the skill and experience of your workers. Or it can be a chain of procedures that may lead to noncompliance, which you never consider analyzing.

Safety staffing agencies can appoint specialists who are experienced in creating and evaluating best practices and programs. They have an objective mind and are independent in their evaluation.

  1. You Want a Top Notch Safety Program

If you operate in a heavily regulated industry, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, you want to be 100% certain that your safety program is up to date and fully compliant.

In this case, you should outsource this activity to a specialized staffing company. They have a team of experienced safety specialists, whose entire career revolved around creating and optimizing safety programs for other companies.


Great Questions to Ask A Potential Executive Recruitment Company

Turning to an executive recruitment company to find candidates for the key positions in your company is the best way to streamline the recruitment process and to reduce the time necessary for finding the perfect match. This also means that the first step that your organization needs to make is to find the right search firm – here are some tips about the best ways to identify the best partner and about the questions that you need to find out the answers to before hiring a executive recruitment company.

How to Identify the Best Search Firm

One of the best ways to find the right recruiter is to turn to industry colleagues to get recommendations. Talk to people you know in your industry and ask them whether they have used an executive recruiter before, then try to find out as much as you can about the companies that were recommended to you. You can also turn to management consulting firms for recommendations or you can carry your own research online to find suitable recruiters and to check their reputation.

While searching for a recruiter, be aware that each industry is different, each field of activity comes with different features and requirements, so make sure to hire a recruiter that specializes in your industry.

executive recruitment company

Questions to Ask While Assessing Potential Executive Recruiters

During the interview with potential recruiters to hire, you should ask general questions as well as questions that will give you more insight into the recruiter’s processes and specializations. The general topics should include the company’s longevity in the business, what they know about your organization, their fee structure (there are two structures used by recruiters, retained and contingency-based) as well as topics related to the company’s recruiting policies and processes and to the ways they protect the confidentiality of any data they might obtain during the recruitment process.

While interviewing an executive recruitment company about their specialization and industry insight, you should ask questions about the various stages of their search process, about the search parameters that they use for identifying and approaching suitable talent, about the assessment and the background checks performed to find out more about candidates and the methods used for presenting candidates to key decision makers in your organization (as the candidates are identified or simultaneously). You should also find out about how the interviewing is conducted, whether the recruiter will perform a preliminary interview or they will send the candidates to your organization for interviewing and whether the recruiter’s services also include discussions with your company about the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

Get References

At the end of the meeting with your potential recruiter, ask the person you are talking to provide your references, even if you have found the company based on recommendations from industry colleagues. When you receive a list of references, take your time to call several companies on the list – the more people you talk to, the more you will find out about the recruiter, so reference checking is an essential step in finding the right executive recruiter for your company.