Where Do I Start if I Want to Sell My Business?

When searching for info on how to sell my business, I realized that a successful strategy requires active portfolio management and a well-developed divestment process. Here is what I found:

So, you will have to start by identifying the professionals who can help you and, if necessary, create a sales team. In some cases, a good broker may be enough. It is very important to work with a specialist in selling business because they have a wide range of specializations, so as to help you stay above the problems and avoid losing value. From helping you understand the potential risks and benefits of a sale to supporting you in minimizing impairment, specialists will assess your situation and support your trading position so that you maximize your capitalization price and execute the transaction with minimal disruption of the remaining business operations.

An integrated team of specialists will help you focus on key questions in the critical stages of the planning and execution of the divestment.

  • Portfolio strategy: How do I maximize the value of shares?
  • Exit options: What are my strategic exit options so as to maximize the value of the shares?
  • Preparing for the exit: How do I prepare the business for the exit?
  • Making the transaction: How to complete the transaction at a favorable price?
  • Pre-contracting: Am I ready to complete the transaction?
  • Post-contracting: How do I capture the value created?

how to sell my business

When you sell your business, you will usually go through these steps:

  • Analyze the business to find value points.
  • Create a financial presentation that shows the history of growth and the potential of the business.
  • Approach potential buyers
  • Meet with interested buyers, so that you can organize financial presentations.
  • Negotiate the price. In principle, you will reach an agreement. You appoint lawyers to represent you by agreement.
  • The buyer examines the company to make sure they know what they are buying.
  • You’re finishing the deal. This is the day when documents are signed and money and assets are exchanged. Lawyers will take care of most of the process.
  • You manage post-transaction activity. You will work with the buyer to announce the takeover of the business.

This whole sale process usually takes months, but can continue for years. And you may have to go through it several times, if the initial transaction fails.

Remember that the sales process will vary depending on your industry.

Advisors are essential to successfully complete a sale. Many people who sold their businesses will be more than willing to meet you for a coffee and tell you about their experiences. They will be able to share what worked for them, what they wanted and how the counselors really helped them. But you may also have an idea of ​​who is available in the market for a business like yours right now. These short conversations can be incredibly valuable.

From finance and human resources to law and taxes, surround yourself with mergers and acquisitions experts. You can benefit from their enormous combined experience to make sure you don’t make too many mistakes.



How Do I Choose A Financial Planner?

The field of financial planning refers to the financial objectives of individuals, both natural and legal. In this article we will insist on the role of the financial planner and consultant in the life of a person and on guidelines to choose a financial planner.

What is an independent financial planner and consultant?

An independent financial planner and consultant is a person who knows information from the sphere of financial goals planning (based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) and information from the financial market, to develop a strategy from the perspective of allocating personal finances, in order to achieve financial goals.

Knowing the financial situation of each person, their objectives and discussing in detail their individual particularities, a financial planner can connect this information with the financial market: economy, financial products and services for a systematic planning and for finding an optimal solution that will lead to obtaining the respective financial objective(s).

Additionally, the term “independent” gives the possibility to know more financial fields, respectively financial information that can be correlated with the individual situation of the current financial situation and the financial objectives, to create an optimal plan for each individual that allows achieving the objective in an efficient way.

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The duties of an independent financial planner and consultant:

  • To identify each person’s financial goals, both in terms of needs and desires
  • To identify the current financial situation as a whole, as well as the future one, taking into account the individual and social-economic particularities
  • To analyze the entire perspective of the financial market, both from the current and future perspectives
  • To make the current financial situation known, to determine the awareness of the relationship between the client’s current financial situation and the economic situation of his community in terms of opportunities and risks
  • To provide information on all financial aspects, both personal and economic
  • To identify the necessary solutions for the particular situation of the client
  • To create, together with the client, a plan, a course of action to follow together in order to achieve the main objective set
  • To integrate in the plan secondary objectives too
  • To provide individual counseling along the way and, if necessary, reorganization so that the final goal is achieved according to the plan

Therefore, your financial planner and consultant is a specialist who, like a doctor, knows your situation and offers you a customized “recipe”.

When you choose a financial planner, always look for someone who is CFP (Certified Financial Planner). CFP certification is a proof of expertise, representing the most significant credential in this business. A CPF is licensed, regulated, has adequate training on various aspects of financial planning and has passed a test administered by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. Look at the Referral List for recognized financial planner experts.

You should avoid financial planners who earn money based on commission. Choose instead a planner with a payment structure based on flat hourly rate.

Finally yet importantly, take a look at the code of ethics that a financial planner adheres to. Make sure that planner looks after your best interests and keep an eye for the word “fiduciary”.

Why Do Contractors Need Insurance?

contractor insurance

Business insurance offers coverage to contractors that have various objects of activity and want to protect their business and budget. There are types of insurance required by the law in most of the states (liability insurance, workers compensation, commercial auto insurance) as well as optional policies.

What is insured?

Business insurance can be customized, according to the needs of each contractor. You can choose for what risks your business should be covered, so that you get full protection, adapted to your business and location.

In order to allow you to dedicate yourself exclusively to business management, insurers offer different types of coverage, created especially for the protection of the components essential for carrying out your activity:

  • buildings and other constructions
  • heating installations, fixed electrical installations, air conditioning systems
  • equipment, machines, tools
  • furniture, office supplies, electronic and electro technical equipment
  • stocks of goods and circulating means, raw materials, finished products or in progress
  • goods in transit

    Your employees will also benefit from protection.

Risks covered

Business insurance can fully protect you, if you choose adequate policies, according to the specific of your activity. Risks covered include several categories:

Protection for buildings, equipment, machinery, materials, goods that may be exposed to risks such as:

  • Fire, explosion, falling objects
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Damage to pipes, sewerage or central heating installations
  • Storm, lightning, flood, landslides, earthquake, snow
  • Theft, vandalism, political risks
  • Financial losses as a result of the interruption of activity, following a disruptive event
  • Sudden or unforeseen damage or destruction, caused by internal causes, of machines and equipment
  • Accidental damage or destruction of fixed or portable electronic equipment
  • Destruction, loss or theft of goods and products during transportation

Protection of clients, employees, as well as third parties who interact with your business and may suffer damages resulting from personal injury and/ or other destruction or loss of property, caused by unintentional actions, a poor state of the building, things or animals that belong to you and for which you are responsible etc.

Protection against other risks to which your employees may be exposed, such as:

  • Temporary incapacity for work (hospitalization, medical leave, surgery)
  • Invalidity, as a result of work accidents and occupational diseases
  • Death, as a result of accidents

Additional clauses for which contractors can opt

Depending on the object of your activity, next to the basic coverage you can choose one or more of additional clauses that will increase the protection offered by the business insurance:

  • Coverage of electrical damage
  • Coverage of portable equipment
  • Coverage offered in the event of falling or collapsing stocks
  • Compensation offered in advance
  • Coverage for business downtime

The functions of business and contactor insurance

  • Financial compensation for losses caused by certain risks
  • Prevention of damages, which can be achieved by financing certain risk prevention activities and even educational programs for the insured
  • Financial function – The insurance companies invest the money in the form of insurance premiums, increasing the existing availabilities
  • Saving money and protecting the budget
  • Reducing costs related to social protection – Insurance companies help the states when it comes to social and medical assistance, compensation for work accidents etc.

Should You Use a Recruiter as a Behavioral Health Professional?

As a behavioral health professional, you can use a recruiter to change your workplace or to hire specialists for your business in the field of behavioral health.

A good recruiter needs many skills, such as communication, networking, creating lasting relationships and having knowledge about human behavior. They must be persevering and seeking the right people for the job and not being disappointed or discouraged when they encounter obstacles. In addition, in order to be successful in what they do, recruiters should have sales skills. People change their jobs because they want to meet certain individual needs. The recruiter must identify these needs and “sell” the job and the image of the company so that they meet these needs.

What is the role of the recruiter in a business focused on behavioral health?

The recruiter’s role is to minimize the amount of time a manager would need to look for, meet and hire candidates with the education and training required to get a job in the behavioral health field. The recruiter must discuss with the manager, find out about the vacancies, the deadlines for finding candidates looking for Psych RN jobs Massachusetts opportunities, deal with posting the recruitment announcements, selecting and contacting candidates based on their CVs, interviewing and informing them about the result of the selection process etc.

finding Psych RN jobs Massachusetts opportunities

How do we choose a good recruiter?

A good recruiter should be able to:

  • help define the job profile and establish the expectations of the candidates
  • deal with searching, sorting, screening and presenting the best candidates
  • coordinate the recruitment process and help the manager prepare for interviews
  • complete the reference checks and follow-ups
  • be a mediator between the company and the candidate to ensure that the hiring process goes smoothly
  • allow the manager to focus on their business, not on the recruitment process

Are there different profiles of recruiters?

There are professionals who deal with the recruitment of a certain type of candidates, such as those who are focused on the behavioral health field and there are others who prefer to recruit for other fields – IT, marketing, real estate, etc.

What are the criteria by which the success of a recruiter is measured?

The success of a recruiter can be measured by various key performance indicators, such as: the amount of time the recruiter needed to identify the best job candidate, the cost of recruiting (internal costs, bonuses, traveling costs etc.), number of vacancies, longevity and quality of new employees (recruiters apply surveys 6-12 months after employment, to determine the performance of the new employees).

Why should you use a recruiter as a behavioral health specialist?

A recruitment company specialized in behavioral health has specialists who deal with the recruitment process daily and a large database of job offers and potential candidates. It communicates openly with candidates, attracting them and convincing them to come to interviews and accept jobs that are a good match for their education and professional expectations.

The main benefits of using a recruiter include:

  • Time optimization
  • Experience gained in the recruitment processes
  • Lack of fixed costs. Typically, there is a commission paid when the expected results are achieved.

How to Cancel a Timeshare Legally and Get Back Some of Your Peace of Mind

got questions?

The question of how to cancel a timeshare legally is certainly not a new one. While many experts believe that timeshares are not a worthy investment, a lot of people continue to get them for personal reasons. Unfortunately, the investment often turns out to be too much to handle in the end, and after a while, you end up in search of legal support to help you get rid of your new timeshare.

If this sounds familiar to you, then finding the right way to cancel your timeshare legally might be your best option overall. In most cases, your possibilities in this respect are limited, but the ones that work will actually work almost every time.

Knowing What a Timeshare Is and What to Do About It

So, what is a timeshare and why would you need to cancel it? A timeshare is typically a strip of property that you get – most of the time for vacation purposes – and that offers you some limited ownership options. You might be able to take temporary ownership for a week or two at a certain date, when you plan on going on vacation, but at the same time you’ll have to pay for it on an annual basis.

Now, there are of course, many benefits to timeshare ownership. One of them is that you don’t have to look for a property to rent every time you go on vacation. Another one is that your family will get used to the location, so it can become comfortable and convenient after a while. Finally, with a good timeshare contract you’re likely to have larger accommodations for the same amount you’d pay on rent.

On the other hand, not all timeshare contracts are fun and sunshine. All of them are legal agreements that can be enforced through law. However, some of the clauses included in these contracts are downright offensive to the economic stability of the client, and if you’ve ever faced the consequences of getting a timeshare you later regretted, you know exactly what I’m talking about. In these cases, you usually have to get out of the contract as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are a few elegant and practical ways you can do that.

Steps and Recommendations for Having Your Timeshare Canceled

How to get rid of a timeshare is easy. Just call up the resort company you made the deal with, and agree to pay whatever they ask for that the contract might say. The only problem is the expenses involved will usually be very steep. As a result, experts on how to cancel a timeshare legally will typically advise you to look for methods to have your timeshare canceled, instead of just canceling it through the regular approach.

The best step is to contact an attorney and hire them as your legal representative. Be sure to thoroughly discuss the attorney fees so you don’t end up having to pay an exaggerated amount. Once you find a reputable attorney, discuss the contract and your rights as a timeshare holder. After that, have the attorney look through the available options and provide you with a detailed plan of action.

In most cases, coordinating with your attorney should be easy, and you can even do it by phone. However, you’ll still be in charge of mailing or faxing the legal documents required, so when it comes to the details of how to cancel a timeshare legally, you’ll still have to stay involved.

Leasing New Cars for Your Business: What to Look for in Auto Leasing Companies

Auto leasing companies have the possibility to offer you some of the best vehicles you can find on the market. If you need a fleet of vehicles for your business, or if you just need a few cars to get your merchandise to the surrounding cities and areas, you can get a few excellent deals with the help of these companies.

car, money. finance

But what are the most important things you have to remember about working together with these services? Also, what is it exactly that you should look for when considering which auto leasing service to contact?

What Are the Advantages of Leasing Cars or Trucks for Business?

As many experts can tell you, contacting commercial truck leasing companies is a much better idea than purchasing vehicles for business or using your own. Aside from the fact that the vehicles you use for your transport or delivery business will require constant maintenance, which will also cost a lot of money, they might break down from time to time due to exceeding wear and tear.

Under these circumstances, spending huge amounts of capital on purchasing your own vehicles is simply not financially feasible, nor will it allow you to recover your investment any time soon.

On the other hand, leasing provides you with a viable alternative. Not only is leasing less expensive, but it allows you to fine tune your investment. Suppose you need 10 vehicles to comfortably finish the job you need to assign to each of them. By buying them you end up with a large investment, and even if you try to minimize it by buying only 6 or 7 at first, the investment is still sizable, and you don’t have as much control on it either.

With leasing, you can easily tweak your monthly expenses depending on the returns you get from your business. Giving up 1-2 vehicles then makes a lot of sense as a short term boost to your finances, and you can also grow your fleet of vehicles more steadily.

3 Important Leasing Tips to Follow

When leasing new cars, it’s essential to try and find the best offers on the market and to make sure the auto leasing company you aim to do business with is respectable. Here are a few tips to help you out regarding these concerns:

  1. Can you find any lease specials? Discounted offers can often help you get lower interest on slower-selling models without sacrificing on quality. Also, these offers will assist with your business’ savings short term and long term. Just make sure to read the fine print of your contract as closely as possible, and be mindful about any additional expenses that aren’t immediately obvious.
  2. Consider the residual value of the cars you lease. The residual value is given by the car’s depreciation over the lease period. For example, if a car is worth $20,000 and you lease it for 3 years at a price of $250 per month, then its depreciation shouldn’t be much higher than $9,000 – the total amount you’ll be spending.
  3. Finally, make sure you ask your vehicle leasing company about the interest rate and compare the rate with that of other companies to find the best offers on the market.

By following these basic tips while searching for auto leasing companies in your local area, you should easily be able to find responsible and trustworthy dealers who can help you make the best possible choices.

How Do Mortgage Rates Work and Why Should You Find the Best Denver Mortgage Rates?

If you’ve been searching for a good mortgage offer for a while, you already know about local Denver mortgage rates and what they’re about. However, it may be important to get as much information as you can when it comes to the possibility of finding the best mortgage rates.

For that purpose, you have to learn as much as possible about how mortgage rates work, where they originate, what factors lead to their likely growth or fall, and what you should pay attention as a local borrower.

Understanding Mortgage Rates

Monthly mortgage payments depend a great deal on interest rates. When you get your mortgage, a fixed or adjustable rate of a certain value will determine how much your payments will be, and whether or not you might be able to pay them off on time.

Denver mortgage rates are typically determined by the local lender you are considering. Their method of calculation is quite complicated, and it includes some values and variables that are specific to each lender in part.

The most significant indicator that shows whether mortgage rates are higher or lower is the 10-year Treasury bond yield. This is an excellent standard to judge the value of a mortgage rate, since typically mortgages are already paid off after 10 years, despite the fact that they may be calculated based on a 30-year time frame.

What you have to understand as a borrower, however, is that the mortgage rate is most likely to grow or diminish along with the risk that the lender takes. If your mortgage presents the lender with a higher risk – for instance, in the event that the current stability of your employment doesn’t constitute a good enough guarantee that you can keep up with the payments over time – then the mortgage rate will also go up.

Find the Most Advantageous Local Mortgage Rates

The idea that you have to “find” the best mortgage rates in order to qualify for a good mortgage loan is somewhat incomplete. Although it’s a good idea to look for the best offers online, getting a great mortgage rate is largely dependent on your own ability to improve your financial situation.

For instance, being able to choose an offer that requires a larger down payment may sometimes yield a smaller interest rate. Also, a better credit score or a higher salary will definitely give you an edge and allow you to apply for better offers. A credit score of 620 will generally help you qualify for a mortgage rate of about 5%, while anyone with a score of over 700 can expect rates as low as 3.6%.

To make sure you’ll qualify for a good mortgage rate, you have to first find your bottom line. Ask for your credit report, and talk to a local mortgage lender or broker to find out how your current financial situation and your ability to pay off a large enough down payment might influence the rates you might qualify for. Once you have that information, you can start working on improving your credit score and your financial situation to the point where you can easily aim for the best mortgage rates in Denver.

Sales Training – Dealing With Objections In Negotiation And Sales

During sales training courses, you can learn about numerous sales techniques; some will work better than others. In this article, we will talk about an efficient technique for dealing with all kind of objections when you are trying to sell your product/ service.

There is one thing that must be cleared up, right from the start: objections are actually a great part of the sale process because they offer you the opportunity to clarify certain important aspects. Basically, almost any sale starts with an objection and not knowing how to overcome an objection will translate into significantly fewer sales.

The causes of objections

Objections may appear for different reasons:

  • the buyer wants to clarify some aspects
  • the person that you want to convince to buy from you doesn’t actually have time for you
  • he/ she doesn’t have enough money
  • he/ she does not trust you and/ or the company you work for
  • he/ she is looking to get rid of you as soon as possible because you did not manage to grab his/ her attention.

It is precisely because we never know the exact cause of an objection that we must learn to overcome the objection in a professional manner, which doesn’t harm our business interests.

Here are a few examples of inefficient ways to answer objections:

  • The Customer: The price is too high.
  • The seller: It is not true, it’s actually a price that reflects…


  • The customer: I work with someone else.
  • The seller: That’s not the wisest decision…

The examples can continue, but we believe that the idea has been understood: these selling “techniques” are not working. The customer raises an objection and the seller hurries to prove him/ her being wrong. The customers may not be right indeed, but sales champions never rush to contradict them, because this is the first sign of failure.

The right approach is to try to find as many reasons as possible related to your client’s objection and only then to offer your professional opinion.


Basic rules to follow when dealing with an objection

  1. Accept positive intent

Whenever an objection is raised, try to reformulate it as a positive intent. For example, if someone tells you “I do not have time to listen about your product”, take it as “I value my time, so I will only pay attention to something that really matters”. Believe it or not, there is a positive intention behind most objections. If you have the inspiration and experience to reformulate an objection in a positive way, you’ve made half of the sale.  Think about sales coaching Denver companies offer and be your best.

  1. Discuss and clarify

During this second stage, you must have even more patience. Do not rush to answer, because this is unprofessional and, besides, you must always do your very best to avoid interrupting or contradicting the client. Learn to listen and understand the client’s point of view.

  1. Answer the objection

Once you found out more details related to your client’s objection, you can use them to your advantage. It depends on you to use your wit and assertiveness in order to turn a situation in your favor. If you are still inexperienced, it is always a good idea to go for sales training and performance consultancy.

Knowledgeable Financial Experts Who Have Solutions

Best Denver Financial Advisors – Knowledgeable Experts Who Have Solutions to Any Financial Problem

You can recognize the best Denver financial advisors not only by the high qualifications, licenses and professional memberships they carry and by the excellent reputation they earned among their clients, but also by the wide range of services they provide – here are some of the problems you can turn to these experts with.


Debt Consolidation

One of the problems that financial advisors are approached with is increasing debt. Whether it is a mortgage loan or credit card debt that the client is faced with, the consultant will start the support process by providing a realistic assessment of the client’s financial situation. The next phase is the development of a repayment plan, of a roadmap that fulfills a double role: it proves to the client that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it also provides a realistic, viable solution to the problem.


Financial Planning

The other situation when people turn to financial advisors is investment planning. If you have saved some money over the years or you have recently inherited some and you would like to use it to make sure your financial future will be stable, but you don’t know how, financial advisors can put together an investment portfolio for you to achieve your financial goals.


Retirement Planning

Also a form of financial planning, retirement planning involves savings made especially for retirement. While the do-it-yourself approach to setting up a lucrative retirement plan is certainly an option, many people feel overwhelmed with the available options and they choose to turn to financial advisors who will identify the program that best suits the client’s requirements, goals and possibilities.


Handling Student Loans

Attending college or university is no longer exclusively about vocation – it is also a process that involves financial decisions. Academic education is costly and many young people finance their college years from student loans. As the range of financial products offered for such purposes has become extremely diversified, it is no longer easy to make the best decision, but financial advisors will know how to include college savings plans, scholarships, grants and other funding solutions into a plan that will not put unbearable burdens on your financial situation for years after you leave school.


Divorce Finances

Divorces are traumatic on many levels, emotionally just as much as financially, with lots of unexpected situations that require a calm and objective approach. Many people who plan to start anew after a divorce turn to financial advisors to obtain an objective evaluation of their post-marriage financial situation and to get help developing plans for the future.

Financial consultants offer effective help both for tackling a debt situation and for investments and financial planning for the future. With the professional services of the best Denver financial advisors, you get all the help and assistance you need to stop a spiraling debt situation and you can also benefit from guidance regarding the best way to make your money work for you. Therefore, if you are faced with any of the above situations or you have any other question related to your finances, these experts are the ones to turn to.

Why Hire Management Consulting Firms

ome organizations are like well-oiled machines. They have a great team that work together towards a common goal. Others are not as great and would often require the help of a management consultant in order to help them determine the causes of their problems and how to fix them.

Management consulting, simply put, is an organizational tool that helps improve the organizations’ performance by studying the existing problems and then developing plans on how to fix them. It is a process that analyses of the entire process and looks for ways to streamline all the processes to make them more cost effective and efficient.

Organizations have different reasons why they hire outside consultants to help them improve their company performance. Some of these reasons include:

  1. They need an outside perspective – sometimes people in the management or people holding higher positions in the company have been in the same organization for so long. They don’t see problems that other people from outside the company are seeing. They see everything as alright and think that they are doing fine, but they are actually not performing very well. It is only when the organization collapses that they would realize that something was wrong. If they had any sense, they would have hired firms that specialize in management consulting to help improve their company performance before it is too late.
  2. They need someone with experience in change management – enacting a lot of changes as in the case of mergers and expansions requires time and effort. They also require someone who has had experience in enacting these changes. Management consultants are often people who do these kinds of jobs for different organizations. They have seen how it is done with other companies and they have studies the principles that make it successful.
  3. They are about to implement new technology – new technologies that will have a huge impact on the workforce, the processes, and how people do things in the organization can be tough and time consuming to introduce to the organization. You have to set up a lot of things including training of personnel, installing the new technology, transferring data and ensuring transition goes smoothly. Though firms that offer management consulting won’t be the actual people who will move equipment and all those tough tasks, they will be the ones who will plan those things and ensure that everything goes smoothly.
  4. They are about to change their organizational structure – changes in organizational structure is common among huge enterprises. Companies would normally restructure their organization to keep up with the changing times. As such, the services of expert consultants will be needed. Management consulting firms Denver offers will analyze the types of available jobs in the company and create a new structure based on this information. They will also help match the right people with the right jobs.
  5. They need someone to help them plan for the future – creating strategies and planning for the future of the company often rests on the shoulders of the upper management. Sometimes they need some help so they bring in experts in strategic planning. This is where the consultants would come in. They provide assistance in building future plans for the company.